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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Busy, busy, busy!

Hello everyone,
I have been so busy lately, with schooling my son and service. I have a new Bible study with a young women. It has been a real encouragement to me and I really am feeling blessed. I've been going on another study with a brother from our hall. This one too, has been going very well.
My daughter just graduated from correspondance school. We had a graduation party for her last weekend. It was lots of fun. We had a brother bring his huge karoake system and we couldn't keep all the kids quiet after that. LOL OK, I have to admit, I got up there too. I love to sing.
We had our CO visit last month and then the following week our SAD. It was wonderful. Such encouraging talks. If you haven't been, you will really enjoy it. So many things to work on. Preparing us for the new system.

Thats it for now. My kids and I are going out in service this afternoon and then we have a dinner party to attend after that.

Agape to my spiritual family,


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