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Friday, December 26, 2008

Nick Clearning the Walk way




Nick is here clearing our walk way. This is actually from last week on the 19th. He had a great time with his tonka trucks. If you are wondering what the little squares are on the pitures, I was taking these through the window screen. I'm not nutts! I didn't want to get cold to take these pictures.
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Tuesday 23rd




Still more snow. We are getting a little tired of it now. ;0) 2 weeks of this stuff is enough!
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Monday 22nd




Monday brought more snow on top of the ice. Blizzard like conditions driving down the road at times.
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Sundy 21st




This is our day of ice. Freezing rain all night left about an inch of ice all over the roads, trees and anything that was sitting out. There was ice cycles on the cars that were out and on our deck. It's pretty, but the ice broke many trees.
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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow day





Today it is snowing and so far this is what we have. Geese flying south, crazy geese, they are a little late, and just a little snow but slushy roads. There is supposed to be more snow throughout the day.
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