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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tornado 12/14/2010

We had a tornado here in Aumsville. I've only got pictures of our park, because they don't want anyone downtown that doesn't need to be there. You can see my pictures here:


deanna said...

so,my name is deanna.ive been looking at all thats going on in the world,and ive kinda been losing hope.anyway,in desparation to find hope,i googled the word HOPE,and found your have some grat links on language.thanx for being there.

Wildflower said...

Hello Deanna,
Sorry to hear about your losing hope. What a wonderful idea, googling hope. I'm glad that you found my website. If you are interested is some real hope in this world, email me at keeper dot of dot hope at gmail dot com. I would be glad to share some real hope. Not just something that will last for a little while either, but forever!
your new friend,

deanna said...

hi,deanna munson here curious as to what has occured in aumsville since the tornado.have you all been able to remain there or were you forced to move?no FEMA camps i email is

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